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Support - CC and PDF Data Loggers

Is my CC-2 logger waterproof?

It is contained in an IP67-rated plastic wallet, so it is waterproof until you break the seal on the wallet.  

Can I Change the Alarm Levels on my CC-2 Logger?

No, the alarm levels are pre-set and cannot be changed.  However, Lascar can also provide custom configurations of this logger upon request, where high and low temperature and humidity alarms are set to your requirements. Please contact our Sales Team if this is of interest. 

How do I turn off my CC-2 logger?

It is not possible to turn off the logger completely, but you can stop it logging by pressing the Start/Stop button. 

Are there any humidity level alarms on my CC-2 logger?

No, on standard models alarm levels are only set for temperature, but the logger will record both temperature and humidity data.  Note however that Lascar can provide custom versions of this logger where both temperature and humidity alarms are set to your specifications.  Please contact our Sales Team if this is of interest.  

How can I tell my CC-2 logger is running normally?

You can obtain status information about the logger by pressing the red and white circular button and this will flash an LED indicator.  Please refer to the Quick Start Guide for explanations of what the flashes mean.  

How do I configure my CC-2 logger?

The device is preconfigured with temperature alarm levels, all you need to do is press the red and white circular button to start logging temperature and humidity.