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Support - EL-WEM Air Quality Monitors

How can I access the EasyLog Cloud?

You can access your EasyLog Cloud account using any internet enabled device through a web browser. This could be your PC at home/office, your iPad/tablet or your mobile phone, etc. The EasyLog Cloud supports the latest Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge and Safari browsers. Data charges may apply if viewing data from your EasyLog Cloud account on your mobile phone. Alternatively you can access your account via the EasyLog Cloud App.

Where can I find the terms and conditions of the EasyLog Cloud?

You can find links to all our terms and conditions documents on the EasyLog Cloud Home page.

How secure is my data on the EasyLog Cloud?

Your data on our EasyLog Cloud account is very secure. The only way to access your account and data is to use the email address and password that you specified when signing up to your account. If you have a Premium account with multiple users, a user with Administrator privileges can control which data individuals can access.

We regularly back up all data and take all industry standard precautions. However, we always recommend that you also back up any data locally.

Why don't I see data from my EL-WEM after I first turn it on?

The air quality sensors in the EL-WEM are very sensitive, and take approximately 5 minutes to self-calibrate when the device is turned on. After this period of time the EL-WEM will automatically start logging your readings.