EasyLog WiFi Firmware

EasyLog WiFi Firmware Update Procedure

1. If you are not running the latest version of the EasyLog WiFi Software (that is used to configure your logger on your PC), you should update this first before attempting the firmware update below; older versions of the EasyLog WiFi Software may not be able to perform the firmware update because they do not support the new .fwp file format used as the firmware file.

2. Download the latest firmware using the Download button above.  

3. Open the WiFi Sensor Software and connect the WiFi logger to the PC via USB.

4. Click on “Advanced Tools” then on “Firmware Updater”.

5. You will then see the "Detected Device Parameters" screen.

At point 3, for “Select the firmware file” click on “Browse” and select the firmware file downloaded earlier. 

At point 4, depending on how old the firmware version you are upgrading from is, you will either get a "Your Device Will Be Factory Reset" message,  or you will be given a checkbox saying "Factory Reset my device anyway. Settings will be cleared." It is always advisable to check this option for the best chance of success, however please note that a full setup of the device will need to be done again and it will also delete any logged data on the device.

When happy with your settings click on “Update Now”.

6. The logger will now update and a “Firmware Updated” message should be displayed at the very end.