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EasyLog EL-SIE Firmware

  1. Plug your EL-SIE device into your PC or Mac. 'USB' will then show on its display.
  2. Open Chrome browser and enter the following in the address bar: http://easylog.local/
  3. Select the “Update Firmware” option from the “?” button dropdown (top right of screen).
  4. Select the firmware update file that is to be used (the file should have a .tar file extension).
  5. Click "Continue" when prompted.
  6. The logger should begin the update process.
  7. Once complete the logger will reset. The logger's green LED will light for a few seconds while the new firmware is written to the logger. Once that completes the logger will beep and show the new firmware revision on the LCD and then go back to the “USB” display assuming that it is still connected to the PC via the USB cable.
  8. The webpage should automatically reconnect when it sees the logger come back online.