PanelPilotACE University

Whether you’ve already chosen the PanelPilotACE platform for your next display project, have used its software suite before or are still evaluating its development potential, the PanelPilotACE University is your one-stop shop for all the tools needed to turn your conceptual display design into a fully functioning App. 

PanelPilotACE Design Studio Latest Version - V4.0.1.3620

PID Control: Use your display as a PID control unit. Set P, I and D coefficients, measure a process variable and use PanelPilotACE to correct to your desired set point, e.g. vary a fan speed to maintain a temperature. 

Ethernet FTP for Logged Data: Don't manually connect PanelPilotACE via USB to obtain logged data. Connect it to an FTP server via an Ethernet cable allowing quicker and more convenient data collection.   

Multi-Channel Data Logging: You now have 10 logging channels, allowing you to log any input to the device that can be defined numerically. Record more temperatures at once, as well as voltage, current etc. 

Trend Graphs: Display data on graphs as it is logged. If you use an alarm threshold as one of your data channels, Trend Graphs will let you monitor logged data against alarm levels. 

Video Tutorials

Like and subscribe to the PanelPilot Tutorial Channel and watch a series of tutorial videos that will show you how to build a multi-channel panel meter in around 15 minutes

Is this your first PanelPilotACE? Click here to see our Basic User tutorial videos. These will teach you how to create buttons, dial meters and group meters.

Seasoned PanelPilotACE user? View our Advanced User tutorial videos to see what else you can get out of your display panel. You will learn all about alarm outputs, digital clocks, logic statements, variables, triggers and actions.