Want to play and display with your inputs and outputs?

We have received various inquiries recently from customers who have purchased our products to use within their custom car and bike projects. Used to display basic battery charging levels to more complex full dashboard displays, it is all possible with Lascar digital panel meters.  With this in mind I thought we would share some of the projects we have come across and in doing so maybe give you some inspiration on your next modification projects. We would also love to hear from you with suggestions or maybe even your own project that we could include.  

EM Display Bike Dash

This bike has had one of our easy mount voltage meters fitted to show the charging value.  A single 5.5mm drill hole is required to install the unit and then the connection of two wires to the associated charging points.  Installed with the supplied rubber seal the unit then becomes splash proof so an excellent addition for a motorbike dashboard area.   

For the car enthusiasts we have recently been shown a digital display indicating two turbo outputs. Using one of our PanelPilot M units the user has configured the custom display by use of our simple free software to give a read out of two inputs from his turbo housing, one being a wideband oxygen sensor and the other a boost pressure sensor.

The possibilities with our range of digital displays are endless, in my next blog I will be bringing to you an example of an inexpensive custom car dashboard unit that we have prepared as a template on our PanelPilotAce unit.

Gregory Hill - PanelPilot Sales