Kit car dashboard dilemmas? Look no further...

“Why oh why did I start this project?” says the family man with a decaying kit car in the garage. I am sure at some stage in life we've come across households in this dilemma. The old wreck in the driveway that he bought from a friend who knew a friend who......need I go on! However hope is here. We hope we can motivate you to take the next step in getting it back on the road!

You’ve brought the wiring loom, you’ve wired up the engine bay electrics and now you’re left with a whole bunch of wires in the dashboard area. How am I going to connect all these wires to display all the information I need? Maybe I could use a number of old voltmeter dials, but what I really want is something more modern and trendy and even digital!  

Ureka! I have a great idea, lets customize an application for the Lascar PanelPilotACE, I could show speed, fuel levels, turbo pressures, warning lights, Hang on a second....what!!!'s already available as a free template within the PanelPilotACE software. Now I am really set to go.. Check out the screen! And if I really wanted to I can edit the template or even produce my own design from scratch for free. And to be able to do all this and emulate my template without even purchasing the unit until I am ready! PanelPilotACE software you are my rock! Now I have finished editing my template and I am ready to install it to the dash. Out I go to the garage, open the door and...............find my partner has sold the car .....over a year ago!!!

If I ever get over my current emotions right now I look forward to you reading my next blog, In the meantime if you get a chance check out the PanelPilot homepage for all your panel needs!

Check out the PanelPilot home page.

Gregory Hill - PanelPilot Sales