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Lascar extends its range of 21CFR compliant data loggers to include WiFi enabled sensors with their own secure cloud based monitoring system. View temperature and humidity data anytime, anywhere with the security of a remote 21CFR system.

The best thing about the iPhone is that it isn’t just a phone - it’s a myriad of devices all in one box. This type of ‘device convergence’ is happening all around us.  Join us in exploring the advantages and disadvantages of converged devices for industrial applications and get some advice on what specifiers should be looking for.

The upgraded PanelPilotACE Design Studio software brings the functionality of its EasyLog data loggers to PanelPilotACE displays for the first time. Along with the updated software Lascar has also expanded the hardware options available to engineers with the introduction of a larger, 7” panel display.

 You’ve brought the wiring loom, you’ve wired up the engine bay electrics and now you’re left with a whole bunch of wires in the dashboard area. How am I going to connect all these wires to display all the information I need?

Let’s face it – everyone likes to have a play with things... especially people with an Engineering background! That’s why before I go on PanelPilotACE customer sales visit, I try and put together a basic project that I think will appeal to my audience. 

With modern touch screen colour displays and embedded computing, engineers and developers now have the hardware to create multi-screen, interactive interfaces for industrial instrumentation and panels. What follows are five tips that will help utilise that hardware in the best way possible.

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