Food Temperature Monitoring

Failing to monitor food temperature adequately can lead to massive recalls and food-borne illnesses. Food grown, manufactured, distributed, and cooked in the industry must be safe and suitable for consumption.

Furthermore, if you are unable to accurately measure and monitor the temperature in every phase of the process, from the farm to the plate, you may find yourself in serious trouble with regulatory agencies.

Temperature control is essential to ensure consumer safety and regulatory compliance. Whether you’re involved with manufacturing, distribution, retail – or even in hospitality, Lascar Electronics offers a wide range of data logging solutions to make sure you stay compliant with regulatory authorities and ensure your food products are safe and suitable for consumption.



Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Food safety starts from the farm all the way to the plate. Regularly monitoring temperature updates is vital to maintain the quality of your product and the safety of your customers. Precautions should be taken at every stage of the cold chain process to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and foodborne illnesses.

Humidity control is just as important as temperature control. Moisture enables the growth of microorganisms, even in areas you may consider clean. For instance, dry foods that are exposed to moisture can lead to mold and bacterial growth, resulting in the spread of foodborne illnesses and recalls.

Lascar’s wide range of USB, WiFi, and wireless temperature and humidity data loggers assist with 24/7 monitoring of refrigeration units, storage areas, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and cooking. Whether you need the simplicity of a temperature data logger, or temperature and humidity data logger, we have the right solution for your application.

EasyLog Cloud 

Store your data securely and make it available from any internet-connected PC or mobile device, with EasyLog Cloud. Our WiFi and wireless data loggers can upload logged data to the Cloud from your PC or Mac, making sharing and analysis easier than ever. For more information and to set up an account on EasyLog Cloud, visit  

Lascar Products in the Field

Don't take our word for it. Read how some of our customers have been using our data loggers in the field to monitor temperature in fridges, freezers and ambient storage areas. From CheezSorce and Sanitary Design Industries' use of our USB loggers to maintain steady state measurement during cheese production to Venture Seafoods' use of our WiFi loggers to monitor the temperature of their seafood storage to The Royal Oak pub using WiFi loggers to monitor the temperature of their fridge, freezer and storage environments. 

Top Products


EL-CC-1-001 PK10
Pack of 10 Chilled Goods Data Logger with Alarms


EL-CC-2-001 PK10
Pack of 10 Chilled Goods Temp & RH Logger


EL-PDF-1-001 PK10
Pack of 10 Chilled Goods Data Logger


EL-PDF-1-002 PK10
Pack of 10 Frozen Goods Data Logger


Thermocouple Temperature Data Logger with USB


Handheld Temperature Recorder


WiFi Thermocouple Data Logger

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Wireless Thermistor Data Logger