Cold Chain

Lascar has a variety of data loggers that can be used to measure products during their passage through the temperature-controlled supply chain, whether at storage or distribution stage.   

Temperature measurement may include the ambient area in which products are stored or transported using Lascar's temperature only USB and WiFi product family or the internal temperature of the products themselves using Lascar's series of external thermocouple and thermistor probe based data loggers. 

Lascar’s EL-CC family of data loggers  provides users with cost-effective, multi-use loggers for all stages of the cold chain process.  Pre-programmed with set sample rates and alarms for monitoring Chilled Goods, Frozen Goods and Ripening Goods, simply press an on-board button to start logging.  Status LEDs indicate whether a unit is currently in logging mode, an alarm has been met during the session or whether the battery is low.  Download data by inserting the logger into a PC or laptop USB port to view a graph of the logging session in CSV format or generate a PDF.

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