Chilling, Freezing & Storing Food

Did you know you need to make sure your fridge is between 0ºC and 5ºC otherwise food poisoning bacteria will be able to grow. With increasing requirements for proof of due diligence in food storage, the demand for products that can assist with the daily workload and in meeting these requirements are ever growing. Lascar’s solution? The EasyLog family of temperature data loggers. An inexpensive series of standalone, USB and WiFi-enabled sensors allowing discrete and continuous temperature monitoring throughout the chilling, freezing and storing of food products. Know your temperatures: Chilled: Between 2ºC and 8ºC / Frozen: 0ºC / Ambient: Room temperature 18ºC.

Stand Alone Data Logging

Lascar’s EL-USB range includes discrete, battery powered data loggers that measure and store temperature readings on-board until data is downloaded via USB. Simple to set-up, just plug any of these devices into the computer USB port and, using Lascar’s FREE software, name the device, choose a sampling rate, select high and low alarms if required and a logging start time. Loggers stores up to 32,000 readings, includes displays showing max, min and last logged values as well as flashing alarm and low battery LEDs.

The EL-GFX family boasts over 250,000 readings per parameter, an on-screen display showing max, min and last logged values as well as an on-board graph of the data collected. Buttons allow the user to start, stop and restart the logger in the field and alarm breaches can be registered with both LED and audible alarms. 


Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor all food storage areas using our WiFi connected devices. Lascar's WiFi sensors are easy to set-up using a smartphone App. Simply log on to your EasyLog Cloud account from any internet enabled device to access secure real-time and historical data, remotely change individual sensor settings and create individual locations for one or multiple devices.

Why Use a Thermistor Probe?

With the measurement of a fridge or freezer, the boundaries are quite small therefore a high accuracy probe is needed, but a huge measurement range isn't vital. This is where a thermistor probe can be used - boasting high accuracy over a relatively small measurement range.  Our data loggers come with a thermistor probe that has a measurement range of -40 to 125°C and is accurate to ±0.6°C. Having an external probe also allows you to put the probe into the fridge or freezer while positioning the data logger and its display on the outside of the unit using the supplied magnet.

Lascar Products in the Field

Don't take our word for it. Read how some of our customers have been using Lascar data loggers in the field to monitor temperature in fridges, freezers and ambient storage areas. From CheezSorce and Sanitary Design Industries' use of our USB loggers to maintain steady state measurement during cheese production to Venture Seafoods' use of our WiFi loggers to monitor the temperature of their seafood storage to The Royal Oak pub using WiFi loggers to monitor the temperature of their fridge, freezer and storage environments.

What Do The Experts Say?

"Following the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) method provides a systematic preventative approach to food safety in production, transportation, storage and preparation and relies on seven principles. As described by the seventh principle, it is essential to keep records of temperature control in your food business. Without records, it is impossible to prove your constant efforts to meet safe temperature measures. Staying on top of these records can be difficult, especially during busy business hours or after a long, tiring service. Data loggers can relieve you of these added pressures by continually taking measurements at user set time periods, eliminating the chance of missing a critical check during busy periods or a misreading by human error.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) have guidelines on temperature control. Foods which are likely to support the growth of pathogenic microorganisms or the formation of toxins will do so above 8°C and below 63°C.  This microthis is known as the ‘Danger Zone’ for microbial growth. That’s why they advise that the safest way to defrost food is in the fridge overnight. Your fridge should be at 5°C or below as some bacteria can grow at lower temperatures than 8°C.

Top Products


EL-CC-1-001 PK10
Pack of 10 Chilled Goods Data Logger with Alarms

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EL-CC-1-002 PK10
Pack of 10 Frozen Goods Data Logger with Alarms


EL-CC-1-003 PK10
Pack of 10 Ripening Goods Data Logger with Alarms


EL-CC-2-001 PK10
Pack of 10 Chilled Goods Temp & RH Logger


EL-CC-2-002 PK10
Pack of 10 Frozen Goods Temp & RH Logger


EL-CC-2-003 PK10
Pack of 10 Ripening Goods Temp & RH Logger


Thermistor Probe Data Logger with LCD

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High Accuracy Thermistor Probe Data Logger with LCD


Dual Channel Thermistor Data Logger


Handheld Programmer and Data Collector


WiFi Thermistor Probe Data Logger


Dual Channel High Accuracy Thermistor WiFi

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Wireless Thermistor Data Logger


Dual Channel Wireless Thermistor Data Logger