Lascar's options allow users to collect and store data in compliance with the regulations of 21CFR Part 11.  Whether using standalone USB data loggers or Cloud-based WiFi sensors, data can be collected, monitored and stored within the specific controls outlined by 21CFR Part 11. As well as the core offering of existing EasyLog capabilities, individual users can also enjoy features such as:

  • Uneditable, encrypted data
  • Full audit trail of activities
  • Permission-based use
  • Authority sign-off
  • Electronic signatures

Remote Data Loggers

For users seeking a remote option, Lascar’s EL-WiFi-21CFR Series provides eleven WiFi-based sensors wirelessly capturing and storing data for access from any internet-enabled device.  Popular compatible devices include the EL-WiFi-21CFR-T temperature sensor; the EL-WiFi-21CFR-TH temperature and humidity data logger; the EL-WiFi-21CFR-TP external probe temperature sensor and the EL-WiFi-21CFR-TP+-PROBE-G temperature vaccine sensor.  

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Standalone Data Loggers

The software is compatible with six standalone USB devices.  The EL-21CFR-2-LCD for monitoring temperature, relative humidity and dew point; a higher accuracy version EL-21-CFR-2-LCD+; the EL-21CFR-TP-LCD for monitoring temperature using an external probe and a higher accuracy version EL-21CFR-TP-LCD+, the EL-21CFR-1-LCD for measuring temperature with an on-board sensor and the EL-21CFR-TC for monitoring temperature using a K type thermocouple.

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21CFR compliant Temperature Data Logger


21CFR Thermistor Probe Data Logger


21CFR High Accuracy Probe Data Logger

easylog-data-logger-EL-21CFR-2-LCD-Angle-Lid-On-Thumb.jpg (1)

21CFR Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

easylog-data-logger-EL-21CFR-2-LCD+-Angle-Lid-On.jpg (1)

21CFR High Accuracy Temp & RH Data Logger

EL-21CFR-TC Angle Lid On_Thumb.png

21CFR Thermocouple Temperature Data Logger with USB