Lascar moves into new £750,000 facility in Salisbury

Lascar moves into new facilityLascar moves into new £750,000 facility in Salisbury as part of five-year growth plan.

Lascar Electronics, one of Europe’s leading providers of industrial digital panel instruments and environmental data loggers, used in industries where temperature monitoring and management is critical, officially opened its new operations centre today in Salisbury. The new facility represents a major expansion of Lascar’s business in Wiltshire and the opening ceremony was attended by John Glen, Member of Parliament for Salisbury.

Located to the north of the city, the new office will serve as Lascar’s global centre for UK and international operations. From the new site, the company will distribute finished product to its US office, as well as international distributors and customers throughout the world. This will be the second site for the company in the city. Its first site, opened in 1982 in Whiteparish, Wilts, remains the company’s corporate headquarters.

Rod Piwowarski, CEO at Lascar Electronics said: “As our product range and sales revenue grew, our engineering and operations departments were starting to feel cramped. Rather than change the rural feel of our headquarters with more warehousing, we took the opportunity to move operations in its entirety to an industrial park setting leaving space in Whiteparish for us to build a new Engineering Design Centre. This is an exciting development for Lascar. We have more space. The new space signals growth and the start of a recruitment drive designed to maintain that growth in the future.”

Attending the opening ceremony, John Glen, Member of Parliament for Salisbury said: “Our community thrives when businesses grow and I’m delighted that companies like Lascar are actively recruiting young professionals into management positions here in Salisbury. It’s proof we don’t have to lose our young talent to larger cities. Lascar is a true testament to how local businesses can have a positive effect on the community and I wish them every success for the future.”