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IoT Solutions

Our wireless data loggers remotely sense and log temperature and humidity levels within any environment, with some model variants equipped with high-accuracy probes.

Our wireless data loggers can be remotely accessed via the EasyLog Cloud from any internet-enabled device. From there, users can benefit from instant and real-time monitoring of conditions.

Immediate notifications of alarm breaches can be sent to one or multiple email addresses with escalating alarm modes if required.

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EasyLog Cloud

Automate, protect and store your data. From simple applications with just a few measuring points to corporate solutions with hundreds of sensors around the globe. 

Remote monitoring makes life much easier, but Lascar’s loggers also allow users to make changes to any sensor setting completely remotely. A quickview dashboard within the EasyLog Cloud, accessible from any web-enabled device, allows access to data, logger status, alarm notifications, and the ability to change all device settings. Powerful reporting shows comparisons of multiple devices from different time periods, data summaries, and the ability to add comments.

Easylog's powerful API allows you to integrate Cloud sensor data with your own applications, meaning you can build custom dashboards and data analysis tools; reconfigure individual sensors; REST compatible resources, and ensure you are protected with SSL encryption.



Latest Case Studies

Home Brewing Thumb.png
WiFi: Helping Homemade Wine Taste Great

Local home-brewer Peter Barrett has been brewing his own beers, lagers and wines as a hobby for years. However, the changing weather conditions have been causing a multitude of issues during the fermentation process. With the help of EasyLog's EL-WiFI-TC Peter is able to make sure that the temperature is consistent throughout the fermentation process, without having to manually check.


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Case Study _EL-SIE_The Cheeky Mantis 10_2020 Thumb.png
USB: Breeding Praying Mantis

Lascar's EL-SIE-2 temperature and humidity data logger helps to protect the conditions inside ootheca (praying mantis egg cases) incubators, making sure temperature and humidity remain consistent to ensure the eggs survive to hatch. 

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