The new family of data loggers

Monitor the environment you live and work in with the EasyLog EL-SIE, a breakthrough product that sets a new standard for USB data logging. The EL-SIE range includes models that measure ambient temperature, humidity and pressure and each can store over 1 million readings inside their sleek but tough metal casing. EL-SIE uses standard AAA batteries and typical battery life is over 1 year.

Advanced onboard software means there is nothing to install on your PC or Mac – simply connect the logger with a USB cable and use your web browser to configure the device and view, analyse and download your data. It really couldn’t be easier.

Choose from immediate, delayed, triggered or push-to-start logging. The display shows current, maximum and minimum readings, and three coloured LEDs indicate device status at a glance. Alarms are fully user-configurable, with functionality including cumulative alarms, pre-alarms, a delay before alarm triggering, and an alarm hold option. Recorded data can be downloaded to your computer, or uploaded to an EasyLog Cloud account for secure storage and powerful analysis.

The EL-SIE Range


Temperature USB data logger



High Accuracy Temperature USB data logger



Temperature and Humidity USB data logger



High Accuracy Temperature and Humidity USB data logger



High Accuracy Temperature, Humidity and Pressure USB data logger


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