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EasyLog | EL-WiFi-21CFR-ULT

21CFR-Compliant WiFi Cryogenic Vaccine Data Logger with Display
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The EL-WiFi-21CFR-ULT is a 21CFR Part 11-compliant Cloud-enabled wireless ultra-low temperature data logger, with a built-in display, designed for monitoring vaccines in ultra low temperature dry ice storage. The measurement range is -100 to +100°C (-148 to +212°F) using the probe supplied with the logger.  The logger automatically records data and uploads it to the EasyLog 21CFR Cloud using your standard wireless network.  The device will store data internally if it loses WiFi connection and automatically uploads it to the Cloud once reconnected.

Why buy a 21CFR logger?
The 21 CFR Part 11 regulations issued by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) give the criteria under which electronic records can be considered by the FDA as equivalent to signed paper records. If you need to meet these regulations or have enhanced data security requirements then you should choose one of our 21CFR loggers, otherwise our standard loggers will suffice. 

Learn more about 21 CFR Part 11

A 21CFR Cloud subscription delivers all of the flexibility of remote monitoring and can be installed as part of a 21CFR compliant system. Features include permission-based use, authority level sign-off, and full system audit to ensure data monitored and collected is regulated to 21CFR Part 11 standard. This device requires a subscription to our EasyLog 21CFR Cloud service.

This product complies with BS EN 12830:2018 (Temperature recorders for the transport, storage, and distribution of temperature-sensitive goods).


Measurement Range
-100 to +100°C (-148 to +212°F)
±2.5°C (±4.5°F) typical
Logging Rate
User selectable between 10 seconds and 12 hours
Storage Capacity
Dimensions (logger)
82 x 70 x 23mm (3.22 x 2.75 x 0.91”)
Dimensions (probe)
300 x Ø1.5mm x 1m cable (11.8 x Ø0.06" x 39.4" cable)
Rechargeable Battery / 6 Months Battery Life / Mains Powered Option
Calibration Certificate



Could you explain what 21CFR Part 11 is?

Is there a document that provides troubleshooting for setting up my WiFi Sensor?

More support


Calibration certificates are available to purchase separately and are traceable to international standards depending on your location.


The EL-WiFi-21CFR-ULT wireless data logger is designed for monitoring vaccines in cryogenic dry ice storage and transit, in accordance with 21CFR Part 11 compliant data security procedures.

For application stories on our data loggers, visit our case studies section.


easylog-data-logger-accessories-K-TYPE PROBE_RED_Thumb.png

T-Type thermocouple probe


EL-WiFi Wall Bracket
Wall mount bracket

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