EasyLog | EL-GFX-TC

Thermocouple Data Logger with Graphic Screen


This USB data logger records over 250,000 temperature readings in one or more sessions for up to 4 months. It is compatible with K, J and T-type thermocouples. Inside the rugged case, buttons for start, stop and restart and a graphic LCD with on-screen menus provide real-time analysis of data as a summary or as a graph. The EL-WIN-USB software enables quick configuration and data download via the USB port. Supplied with K-type probe and batteries, the EL-GFX-TC is a popular part.


with K-type probe supplied
0 to 200°C (32 to 392°F)
K-type probe measurement range
-200 to 1350°C (-328 to 2462°F)
J-type probe measurement range
-200 to 1190°C (-328 to 2174°F)
T-type probe measurement range
-200 to 390°C (-328 to 734°F)
±1°C / ±2°F (data logger only - thermocouple error not included)
Operating temperature
-10 to 40°C (-14 to 104°F)
Logging rate
User selectable between 2 seconds and 1 hour
Calibration Certificate

Application Info

The EL-GFX-TC is suitable for a wide variety of applications.  These include:

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Calibration certificates are available to purchase separately and are traceable to international standards depending on your location.

Click here to view a sample certificate.