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EasyLog | BAT 3V6 2/3AA H TEMP

High temperature battery for EL-USB-1-PRO
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  • easylog-data-logger-accessories-BAT-3V6-23AA-H-TEMP-Logo.jpg (1)


A specialist battery that allows for operation of the EL-USB-1-PRO logger at high temperature. 

PLEASE NOTE: We are only able to ship this product if you are located in the US (except Hawaii or Alaska), or the UK or EU and can accept surface/ground shipments. If ordering in the US, you must select the UPS GROUND delivery option.  

HOWEVER you can add up to TWO SPARE SETS OF BATTERIES for every data logger ordered.  If you wish to order more than this quantity or are unsure whether this battery can be shipped to you, please contact your regional Lascar office or see our Distributors page for local options.

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