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Data Loggers

USB Temperature Data Logger

The EL-USB-1 is a temperature USB data logger that measures and stores more than 16,000 temperature readings over a -35 to +80°C / -31 to + 176°F range. 

Temperature and Relative Humidity USB Data Logger
Temperature & Humidity

The EL-USB-2 is an temperature and relative humidity USB data logger. Configuration is very easy. With no software to install, just connect the data logger with the USB cable and use the web-browser to configure the device. 

Carbon Monoxide Data Logger with USB
Carbon Monoxide

This standalone data logger measures and stores up to 32,510 Carbon Monoxide (CO) readings over a 0 to 300ppm measurement range and -10 to +40°C (14 to +104°F) operating temperature range.

Voltage Data Logger with USB
Voltage / Current

This standalone data logger measures more than 32,000 readings over a 0 to 30V d.c. range at a resolution of 50mV d.c.

Event, Count and State Data Logger with USB
Event, Count & State

This standalone data logger can record over 1,000,000 events, state changes and count events.

USB Vaccine Monitoring Kit
Vaccine Monitoring

The EL-USB-VAC is a standalone vaccine data logger, providing users with a complete vaccine temperature monitoring system.

Pack of 10 Chilled Goods Data Logger
Cold Chain Logistics

Available in packs of 10, the EL-PDF-1-001 PK10 Chilled Goods data logger comes pre-configured with High 8°C, Low 2°C Alarms - simply press the button to start logging. Once your session is complete, press the Stop button and insert into your PC’s USB port.  No special software is required, a pdf report is generated automatically which can be copied off the device as if it were a memory stick.  A cumulative alarm feature is also available upon request.

Dual Channel Thermocouple Data Logger
Temperature with External Probe

The EL-GFX-DTC is a dual channel thermocouple temperature data logger. This standalone USB temperature data logger measures over 250,000 temperature readings. Compatible with K, J and T-type thermocouples. 

WiFi Temperature Data Logger

The EL-MOTE-T is a WiFi temperature data logger. Configuration is easy. Download the EasyLog app and setup the data logger in minutes over your WiFi network. 


WiFi Thermocouple Data Logger
Temperature with External Probe

The EL-MOTE-TC is a wireless thermocouple temperature data logger.  Supplied with a standard K-type probe on a 1.5m cable. Compatible with other thermocouples probes. 


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