Mains USB Power Adapter for US
Data Loggers

This USB mains power adapter is designed to fit a standard US mains socket and provide a stable 5V d.c.

High accuracy, Glycol thermistor probe
Data Loggers

High accuracy, 3 metre long thermistor type A probe in sealed Glycol filled bottle for vaccine monitoring.

K Type thermocouple probe
Data Loggers

K Type thermocouple probe for use with all EasyLog thermocouple data loggers. Class 1 tolerance, 316 stainless steel probe and sealed to IP66 standard.

Basic type 2 thermistor probe
Data Loggers

Basic 1 metre long, type 2 thermistor probe with stainless steel tip for use with all EasyLog TP data loggers.

5 metre probe extension cable
Data Loggers

This cable is a 5m, 3.5mm jack to female 3.5mm socket which can be used to extend the probe supplied with the all of Lascar's Thermistor (TP and TP+) products.

Development board for the EL-OEM-3
Data Loggers

The EL-OEM-TEST development board allows quick and easy incorporation of the EL-OEM-3 into new and existing products without the need to specifically develop hardware and software.  

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