Simple, Low Cost, Standalone Data Logging

Lascar’s standalone USB data loggers measure a number of parameters including temperature, humidity, voltage, current, 4-20mA, event/count/state and carbon monoxide over a period of time. 

Simple to use, these loggers plug directly into the USB port of a PC or Laptop and configured using free Windows software for set-up and data download.


 Remote Temperature and Humidity, Bluetooth Data Logging

When it's simply not convenient to bring the logger to the PC or even move it, use Bluetooth technology to remotely measure temperature and humidity.  Lascar's Bluetooth data logging products use Android EasyLog Apps to remotely configure devices and download data.

Collect data by walking in relative proximity of the data logger with your Bluetooth smartphone or tablet, view data on screen or email to other colleagues needing the data.


Remote, Temperature & Humidity WiFi-based Data Logging

The WiFi range of temperature and humidity data loggers provides the capability to remotely monitor an environment without the need to physically collect and connect the units to a PC.

Use the FilesThruTheAir™ Cloud and its free Android and iOS Apps and take your Lascar’s WiFi sensor to a new level, unlocking them from the PC and allowing them to be managed and monitored over the internet from any location in the world.


Advanced, Graphic Display, Standalone Data Logging

The EasyLog® GFX range brings a more advanced feature set to the monitoring of temperature and humidity with increased memory capacity, higher accuracy readings and a graphics display showing real-time trend graphs and data summaries. 

Using a USB cable to download data to your PC or Laptop, the EL-GFX range is available in single and dual channel formats.


 Low-Cost, Standalone Cold Chain Data Logging

Lascar’s EL-CC family of loggers provides users with cost effective, multi-use loggers for all stages of the Cold Chain process. Pre-programmed with set sample rates and alarms for monitoring environments housing products such as Chilled Goods, Frozen Goods and ripening Goods, simply press an on-board button to start logging.

Need custom alarms and sampling rates?  No problem.  Let us know your specific requirements and we can pre-configure loggers for you.


EL-Vaccination Family of Vaccine Monitors

The Lascar EL-Vaccination family of data loggers is an inexpensive series of USB and WiFi-enabled sensors allowing discrete and continuous temperature monitoring of vaccines in both refrigerator and freezer environments.

Exceeding Center for Disease Control guidelines on the use of data loggers used in vaccination storage, these units are available with external thermistor glycol bottles that act mimic vaccine and calibration certificates.


21CFR Compliant Standalone Data Loggers

Lascar’s 21CFR data logging family offering allows you to store data in compliance with the regulations of 21CFR Part 11. As well as the core offerings of the existing EasyLog software, individual users can now be assigned specific permissions, readings are stored in encrypted format, the software provides a full audit trail of activities and electronic signatures are added to all reports.