Introducing Lascar’s Data Logger Family

Data loggers measure a multitude of parameters using many different communication platforms. Perhaps you're struggling to choose the data logger that's right for you.  Perhaps you're looking at data loggers for the first time, and aren't quite sure what it is that data loggers actually do.  For a simple overview of data logging technology and what Lascar can provide, watch our two minute video.

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USB WiFi Bluetooth OEM Display 21CFR 2 Channel 4 Channel


Thank you for considering Lascar Electronics for your data logging needs. We are here to help you make individual product choices and answer any technical queries you may have.

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Automate, protect and store your temperature and humidity data - from simple applications with just a few measuring points, to corporate solutions with hundreds of sensors around the globe. Easily access and manage your monitoring system from anywhere in the world, 24-7 using a smartphone, tablet, PC or any internet-enabled device.

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Latest Case Studies

EL-MOTE: Temperature and Humidity Monitoring in Electricity Substations

Lascar's EL-MOTE-TH datalogger tested in study to show how temperature and humidity monitoring in electricity substations can be improved by wireless sensors.

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USB: New Species Found

Using Lascar's EL-USB-2-LCD to help discover a new species of Rain Frog.

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