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Our Data Loggers

We have a family of data loggers with a wide range of parameters and connectivity options. Whether you need the simplicity of a USB or the unlimited, secure Cloud storage of WiFi, we have the data logger for you.

Our aim is to make your decision process as simple as possible. Follow our steps below to find the perfect data logger for you.


Choose which connectivity type best suits your application...

Or choose a parameter...

These are just a few of our parameter options, we also provide Voltage, CurrentEvent and Carbon Monoxide options.

If you aren't sure what you want to measure and how, pick your market sector from the tiles at the top of the page.

EasyLog Data Loggers

Since we introduced the world’s first USB data loggers, the EasyLog range has grown to offer a diverse number of simple to use, versatile and cost effective instruments for measuring a wide range of data logging applications.

EasyLog Cloud

Automate, protect and store your data - from simple applications with just a few measuring points, to corporate solutions with hundreds of sensors around the globe. 

Easily access and manage your monitoring system from anywhere in the world, 24-7 using a smartphone, tablet, PC or any internet-enabled device.

API available.


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