Lascar's comprehensive Custom Design & Manufacture service comprises 5 core elements or steps:

  • Design
  • Prototype
  • Sourcing
  • Manufacture
  • Supply

Our belief is that good design can only happen when each of these steps is undertaken with due consideration of the others. By offering a 'one-stop' service encompassing all of these important steps, Lascar can manage the design process from conception to manufacture delivering final product that meets both your and your customer's needs.

Step 1 - Design

The broad scope of disciplines encompassed by the Engineering Design and Development team include Electronic, Mechanical, Display and Software Design. The use of market leading engineering software allows for rapid development of PCB layouts and product enclosures.

Key design skills include: Analog and digital circuits, schematic and PCB layout design, extensive range of LCD and LED display design capabilities, USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and GSM instrumentation, firmware development, software development for all Windows® platforms, mechanical design expertise using advanced CAD software and Android/iOS App development.

Step 2 - Prototype

Prototyping is an invaluable tool in proving a design before a full commitment to tooling is made. A prototype can take many forms, from a simple aesthetic model to a fully functioning unit for product testing. We offer an extensive range of prototyping options from one off space samples to small run PCB and display assemblies. Injection moulding designs can be proved using a variety of rapid prototyping techniques - SLS models for one-offs and PU products made from hand finished masters where quantities of 20-50 are sought for more extensive testing.




Step 3 - Sourcing

With offices in the UK, US and Far-East Lascar's team of purchasing professionals scour the world's markets to find the best deal on the components used in manufacture. Our large group spend, coupled with established relationships with an extensive network of suppliers allow Lascar to offer considerable cost savings with uninterrupted supply.

Step 4 - Manufacture

Whilst full control of both design and manufacture is retained in the UK, Lascar's facilities in Hong Kong provide customers with the many benefits of Far-Eastern manufacturing. We work with a select number of long term manufacturing partners in Shenzhen, China providing our customers with a risk free route to Far-Eastern manufacture and the associated cost savings this brings.

Available manufacturing processes include: Chip-on-board (LCD), chip-on-glass (LCD), surface mount, plastic injection moulding, metal casting and sheet metal fabrication.


Step 5 - Supply

Lascar's team has considerable experience of supplying high quality, fully tested products to customers in a timely and convenient manner. Whether you require a Kanban system or prefer to operate on a just-in-time basis we offer the flexibility to ensure you are never left short. Products can be supplied bulk-packed or packaged ready to ship to the end user. Lascar's in-house graphic design service can assist in designing and supplying packaging, such as clam-shell, that adds marketing value to your product.