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Data Logging

The Portchester Practice saved 900 Covid vaccines from being destroyed after a temperature alert was sent out when the door to the vaccine fridge was inadvertently left open.

Local home-brewer Peter Barrett has been brewing his own beers, lagers and wines as a hobby for years. However, the changing weather conditions have been causing a multitude of issues during the fermentation process. With the help of EasyLog's EL-WiFI-TC Peter is able to make sure that the temperature is consistent throughout the fermentation process, without having to manually check.


Lascar's EL-SIE-2 temperature and humidity data logger helps to protect the conditions inside ootheca (praying mantis egg cases) incubators, making sure temperature and humidity remain consistent to ensure the eggs survive to hatch. 

Lascar's EL-USB-2-LCD devices were used in a study carried out by the University Of Bristol, which explored fridges used on farms and their ability to successfully sustain temperatures needed to protect vaccine potency. 

A local country pub that uses Lascar data logging devices in its kitchen has teamed up with another local business: the Fordingbridge cinema! Together they have been offering customers home-delivered pub food and live-streamed movies in their living rooms.

Using Lascar's EL-WIFI-TH temperature and humidity loggers to monitor their collection of artefacts and works of art.

Using Lascar's temperature and humidity loggers to track condensation in ambient air and inside walls.

Using Lascar's temperature and humidity loggers to track the ambient conditions of gallery and museum exhibits. 

Using Lascar's WiFi data loggers in the transportation of the Insertable B Layer (IBL).