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Protecting Your Vaccine Stock Has Never Been Easier

Temperature and humidity data logging to CDC and NHS requirements

Complete Peace of Mind

Fully automated data logging with secure Cloud storage

Monitor your vaccine storage 24/7 from any internet-enabled device

Live notifications sent to every member of your team

Each WiFi data logger connects automatically to the EasyLog Cloud and also stores readings internally in case the connection is interrupted

Cloud features include powerful data analysis, and user and location management, so the system scales easily

Perfect for compact systems with only a few loggers as well as large-scale solutions with hundreds of devices in locations worldwide

Entry-Level Data Logging

 Easy to configure USB data loggers with extra-long battery life

Set your own high and low alarm levels - LEDs flash when alarm levels are breached

Clear display that shows the latest, maximum and minimum readings

Each logger can store 220 days' worth of data

Free software to configure your logger, download your data, and graph and analyse the results

Featured products

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WiFi Vaccine Monitoring Kit

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Dual Channel WiFi Vaccine Monitoring Kit

Easylog-data-loggers-EL-WiFi-TP+PROBE-Thumb.png (1)

21CFR WiFi Vaccine Monitoring Kit

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Dual Channel 21CFR WiFi Vaccine Monitoring Kit

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USB Vaccine Monitoring Kit

easylog-data-logger-EL-USB-TP-LCD-PROBE-G-Thumb Updated.png (1)

21CFR USB Vaccine Monitoring Kit

Easylog-data-loggers-EL-GFX-DTP-PROBE-G-Thumb.png (1)

Dual Channel GFX Vaccine Monitoring Kit

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Vaccine Monitoring Kit with SMS Alerts

Case Study - Margiotti and Kroll Paediatrics

Margiotti and Kroll Paediatrics are a US private practice dedicated to providing the best possible health care to their patients. They used to monitor their vaccines manually, using standard thermometers and a probe. This data was then recorded by hand into a written data sheet. Instead, they now use Easylog WiFi data logging sensors, which record the temperature at set intervals – and then send the data wirelessly to their Easylog Cloud account.  

“We had an incident where we had a power outage and were then unable to see if the vaccines had fallen outside of the temperature guidelines. This meant that hundreds of dollars’ worth of vaccines had to be thrown out. The sensors we have now are now almost self-managed, and we can see any spike or drop in the report. The sensors are so easy to use, and the data we collect is perfect to share with the monthly auditors.”  Justin Kroll, IT Specialist at Margiotti and Kroll.

Reducing Vaccine Wastage


Did you know that according to official figures, in the UK alone vaccine stock worth over £6.3 million was lost in 2018 due to poor storage conditions? 

Vaccine potency degrades quickly, and can be completely lost in temperatures below 2°C or above 8°C. 

By using temperature probes encased in glycol-filled bottles, EasyLog digital data loggers accurately mimic the temperature response of vaccines so you can be sure you’re following best practice.

Calibration Assures Accuracy


All EasyLog vaccine data loggers are provided with a calibration certificate

They are calibrated using apparatus traceable to national or international standards

Each logger purposefully tested at the temperatures you will be using it in