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Protecting Your Vaccine Stock Has Never Been Easier

Ultra Low Temperature data logging for dry ice and cryogenic storage

Monitoring Vaccines in Ultra Low Temperature Cryogenic Storage

Many of the latest generation of mRNA vaccines, including those for Ebola and Covid-19, need to be stored at temperatures as low as -70°C (-94°F). These ultra low temperatures pose a challenge for the Cold Chain. Dry ice can be used a refrigerant, and modern insulated containers can help maintain such cryogenic temperatures,  but to ensure vaccine potency is retained temperatures must also be accurately monitored.

Many existing digital data loggers cannot measure below -50°C (-58°F). However, the EasyLog ULT range use highly accurate thermocouple probes that can measure as low as -100°C (-212°F), easily covering the deep frozen temperatures needed.

For fixed storage or in transit, EasyLog ULT data loggers help you maintain the vaccine cold chain at ultra low temperatures.



Complete Peace of Mind

Fully automated data logging with secure Cloud storage

Wireless data loggers with high accuracy probes measuring down to -100°C (-212°F) - no need to open containers to get your data

Monitor your vaccine storage 24/7 from any internet-enabled device

Live notifications sent to every member of your team by email and SMS

Each WiFi data logger connects automatically to the EasyLog Cloud and also stores readings internally in case the connection is interrupted

EasyLog Cloud features include powerful data analysis, and user and location management, so the system scales easily

Perfect for compact systems with only a few loggers as well as large-scale solutions with hundreds of devices in locations worldwide

All loggers can be supplied pre-calibrated




Entry-Level Data Logging

 Easy to configure USB data loggers with extra-long battery life

Each data logger is supplied with high a high accuracy probe measuring down to -100°C (-212°F) - no need to open containers to get your data

Set your own high and low alarm levels - warning lights flash when alarm levels are breached

Clear display that shows the latest, maximum and minimum readings

Each logger can store 220 days' worth of data

Free software to configure your logger, download your data, and graph and analyse the results

All loggers can be supplied pre-calibrated



21CFR-Compliant Data Security on the Cloud

Fully automated 21CFR Part 11-compliant data logging with secure Cloud storage

Provides all the EasyLog Cloud features you need for data recording, audit compliance and system and user management

21CFR is a set of regulations issued by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Part 11 provides the criteria for the FDA to accept electronic records as equivalent to signed paper records with regard to data security. Even outside the USA, 21CFR Part 11 compliance is fast becoming the de facto global standard for electronic records management and control in the pharmaceutical industry.

All loggers can be supplied pre-calibrated




Entry Level 21CFR-Compliant Data Logging

21CFR Part 11-compliant USB data loggers with extra-long battery life

Easy to configure, use and download data using our free software

Secure individual log-ins and automatic audit trail records

All loggers can be supplied pre-calibrated


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Wireless Alert DC
Door contact monitor with email alerts

White Paper - Temperature Monitoring Deep Frozen Vaccines

“I can’t emphasise enough the complexity of maintaining an absolute temperature from the depo to the distribution centre to the airplane to the delivery truck to the surgery and the refrigerator in the doctors.” - Nick Jackson, Head of Programmes and Innovative Technologies at the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations

There is a trend emerging for vaccines that require storage at even lower temperatures. Since 2019 the first effective vaccines against Ebola have been approved for use, and these require storage at -60°C (-76°F). And some of the leading Covid-19 vaccines, including those from Pfizer and Moderna, need to be held as low as -80°C (-112°F).

These are mRNA vaccines, a new gene-based technology at the cutting edge of vaccine development. Traditional vaccines are made up of small or inactivated doses of the whole disease-causing organism, or the proteins that it produces, which are introduced into the body to provoke the immune system into mounting a response. In contrast, mRNA vaccines trick the body into producing some of the viral proteins itself. One important benefit is that the manufacturing process for mRNA vaccines is much faster, a vital consideration in the battle against Covid-19.

Maintaining the cold chain at these extremely low temperatures requires specialised packaging and handling procedures. It also presents challenges for monitoring the condition of vaccines.

Wireless Alerts

Monitor temperature breaches and doors left open

Our simplest, lowest cost monitoring solution

Perfect as a back-up system providing instant alerts

Automatically send email notifications to your specified recipients

Set up in moments with the free Wireless Alert App


Reducing Vaccine Wastage

Did you know that according to official figures, in the UK alone vaccine stock worth over £6.3 million was lost in 2018 due to poor storage conditions? 

Vaccine potency degrades quickly, and can be completely lost in temperatures outside the storage range specified by the manufacturer.

EasyLog digital data loggers accurately measure the temperature of vaccines in storage and in transit so you can be sure you’re following best practice.

Calibration Assures Accuracy 

All EasyLog vaccine data loggers are provided with a calibration certificate

They are calibrated using apparatus traceable to national or international standards

Each logger purposefully tested at the temperatures you will be using it in