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Supply Chain Expertise

High quality products delivered On-Time-In-Full

Decades of Supply Chain Expertise

More than 40 years of product development and manufacture has seen Lascar develop substantial supply chain expertise. Our customers benefit from the relationships and insight we've built, helping us push down costs while managing complex issues such as component obsolescence and stock holding. 

Lascar's Far East production volumes and the buying power these generate allow customers access to low cost manufacturing, even if their order quantities do not meet the normal requirements for this supply option.

Reducing Costs, MOQs and Lead Times

Unit costs are always a critical issue and hitting the correct cost point is vital for the success of any product. But high minimum order quantities and lead times can be just as damaging. Lascar's comprehensive approach covers all these points, ensuring you have the right amount of stock available at the right time, for the right price.

Stock Management with Lascar

Lascar removes stock handling headaches by managing your stock for you. Our warehouse facilities offer secure storage, while offering Kanbans and scheduled call-offs. Lascar takes the strain while you only need make space for ready-use stock.

Obsolescence Management

New generations of electronic components are introduced all the time, and it's easy to find supplies of your previously cutting-edge product threatened because key parts are becoming unobtainable. Lascar manages this for you, continuously working with component manufacturers to identify parts that are nearing end-of-life. Solutions are rapidly found, either through last-time-buys or, for the longer term, specifying alternative parts with long term availability. This process can often reveal cost savings and other benefits such as improved functionality.