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Fast-track Development of Your Scientific Equipment

Full colour touch screen displays with integrated process control


Need to increase the level of automation in your industrial processes and equipment? Fast-track your development with PanelPilotACE, combining a full colour touch screen with powerful process control. Designed for easy integration with analogue and digital sensors, ACE is perfect for all types of automated process equipment.

Available in 4.3" and 7" versions, ACE features an integrated full colour touch screen with a powerful ARM processor. ACE units accept inputs including 4-20 mA analogue, direct digital I/O, RS485, CANBUS and MODBUS and there are also digital alarm outputs and a built-in PWM generator.

Design your own interface with our unique Design Studio software. An intuitive system, Design Studio replaces the need for coding with a drag-and-drop interface and a library of functional and graphic elements. Need a rotating needle gauge? It's already there, just drag it into place and link the rotation to an input or variable within your App. It takes seconds instead of hours, and the library includes maths functions, logic builders and data logging for flexible but powerful process control.

An off the shelf hardware and design software combination for rapid development of process control applications... without writing a single line of code. Design Studio even includes an emulator function and it's free to download, so why not try it today?

PanelPilot M

Low cost TFT displays available in 2.4", 2.8" and 3.5" sizes. The M series all feature dual-analogue input, touch-screen, I2C and SPI capabilities and 0-40 V dc or 4-20 mA options. Our free PanelPilot M software allows you to select an App from a wide range of more than 50 meter styles, including many touch screen options. Choose custom display colour, text labels and scaling options before saving and uploading your customised App to the display via USB.

These popular panel mounted displays are incredibly versatile and easy to use.


E-paper PanelPilot B

The 2.1" PanelPilot B has a sunlight readable and splash proof display, with a 12-bit resolution analogue input, and dual alarm max/min and tare functionality. Using our free PanelPilot B software you can choose from six App templates and set your own label text and measurement units. Select the decimal places to be displayed, and apply input scaling and alarm functions. You can also upload a splash screen to be shown when the unit starts up. Then simply connect your display to a PC, and upload your configuration.

PanelPilot B is a low-power device that's perfect for handheld equipment.

Featured products


SGD 43-A
4.3” with Analogue, Digital, PWM & Serial Interfaces


SGD 70-A
7” with Analogue, Digital, PWM & Serial Interfaces


SGD 24-M
2.4” Programmable TFT Panel Meter


SGD 28-M
2.8” Programmable TFT Panel Meter

PanelPilotAce-Display-Solutions-SGD-35-M-Thumb.jpg (1)

SGD 35-M
3.5” Programmable TFT Panel Meter

SGD 21-B Front thumb.png

SGD 21-B
2.1" E-paper Dot Matrix Display


Panel Mountable Four-Channel Temp Data Logger


Panel Mountable Four-Channel Temp Data Logger

Development Kits

Turbocharge your next project with one of our PanelPilotACE Development Kits. Available for both the 4.3" and 7" units, they include everything you need to get started: an ACE unit, a development board and a USB cable. The board combines screw terminals and plug-in headers for connecting all inputs and outputs to the ACE, while switches, potentiometers and LEDs allow you to simulate changes to inputs and outputs, accurately modelling your application as your project progresses. 

Case Study - Covid-19 Oxygen Monitor

How can you possibly do 2 year's worth of product development in just 5 days? That was the challenge faced by Oxford Optronix when asked to join a high-tech consortium developing continuous Positive Airway Pressure (cPAP) devices for Covid-19 patients. With the combined expertise of University College London and the Mercedes F1 team working on the main cPAP, Oxford Optronix were brought on board as experts in oxygen monitoring systems. But as the pandemic ramped up, they were given just 1 week to develop a brand-new product. 

Fortunately, Oxford Optronix were already familiar with Lascar’s PanelPilotACE, the unique integrated touch screen with the processing power needed for their oxygen monitor. Most importantly, Lascar’s Design Studio software meant nobody would need to write any code and the first working interface was ready within hours. By working round the clock and mobilising every individual in the company Oxford Optronix were able to manufacture and deliver 2,000 Flo-Ox monitors to the NHS in just 8 days – a whirlwind of an achievement.

‘I knew we needed something that would enable us to design and build a touchscreen interface, with process control, in under a week. PanelPilotACE was that product.’ – Stephen Douglas, Technical Director Oxford Optronix

Multi-Channel Data Logging

Need a shortcut to temperature data logging? Our OEM products include 4.3" and 7" ACE display units supplied with 4-channel thermistor boards and a pre-loaded App for data logging between one and four channels. The App displays real-time readings and data graphs that scale automatically.

And because it's created with our Design Studio software the App is perfect for further customising if your project needs it.

Application Design and Development

At Lascar we know how difficult it can be to complete critical projects when resources are limited but deadlines can't be extended. Our experienced designers can create your interface for you, including detailed storyboarding and graphic design. Our engineers can also develop and test your App in Design Studio, saving you time but leaving you free to make further updates yourself if needed.

We can even design and manufacture your entire product if that's what you need - see how Lascar can help you achieve engineering success here.