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The Easy Way to Monitor Outdoor Environments

Reliable automatic environmental data logging

Temperature and Humidity Data Logging

Simple to configure USB data loggers with extra-long battery life

Set your own high and low alarm levels - LEDs flash when alarm levels are breached

Clear display that shows the latest, maximum and minimum readings

Each logger can store thousands of readings

Free software to configure your logger, download data, graph and analyse the results

Log Directly From Your Own Sensors

 Our range includes voltage and current-based data loggers

Easy integration with many environmental, weather and pressure sensors

Record over 32,000 individual readings


Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

CO is a key factor in air pollution levels

Major sources are petrol and diesel powered vehicles and machinery

Even low levels can have long term health effects

CO is simple to monitor and record with our USB data loggers

Featured products


Temperature and Relative Humidity USB Data Logger

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Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point USB Data Logger


WiFi Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

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Voltage Data Logger with USB

easylog-data-logger-EL-USB-4-Angle-Lid-On-Thumb.jpg (1)

Current Data Logger with USB


stores up to 32,510 Carbon Monoxide (CO) readings

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Event, Count and State Data Logger with USB

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Thermistor Probe Data Logger with LCD

Case Study - Underground River Monitoring

Fort Stanton Cave in New Mexico has been the subject of exploration for hundreds of years. The ancient underground rivers that formed over 30 miles of passages are little understood, and the Fort Stanton Cave Study Group (FSCSG) was determined to map their behaviour. Tim Frederickson realised they could measure water levels in the famous Snowy River Passage using a sensor with a voltage output. But how to record the results?

“I knew I was looking for something to log data, and I also knew that there were a lot of factors that would make finding something workable very difficult. How do you power something underground that has to take readings over several months or even years? We needed to set up technology in an environment that would have no external power source, up to one hundred percent humidity, and could take an experienced caver as many as twelve hours to reach."  Tim Frederickson, FSCSG

Case Study - Beehive Winter Temperatures

During cold winters, honey bees form clusters in the centre of their hives in order to keep warm, and if they fail the entire hive can die. Such a tragedy happened to beekeeper Joergen Nielsen, from Silkeborg in Denmark, leaving him determined to keep as close a watch as possible on his remaining hives. Temperature was obviously the key factor, but how to measure it deep inside a beehive without disrupting his precious bees?

The ideal solution turned out to be the EL-USB-TP-LCD, as its probe on a 1 metre-long cable was able to reach into the very centre of the hive. Joergen, happy now his bees are safe, had this to say:“The product is straightforward, very easy to use, setting up and to get readings out. Lascar has been quick in support and very forthcoming.”  

Calibration Assures Accuracy


All EasyLog vaccine data loggers are provided with a calibration certificate

They are calibrated using apparatus traceable to national or international standards

Each logger purposefully tested at the temperatures you will be using it in