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Lascar Engineering

Engineers at the core of the business

Engineering-lead Company Culture

Engineering has always been at the core of Lascar Electronics and continual investment in developing engineering resources and talent ensures Lascar remains
at the forefront of technology. This engineering-lead culture is company-wide and over 35% of Lascar staff have an engineering qualification.

Global Engineering Teams

With Engineering teams in the UK, USA and Hong Kong, Lascar is able to react quickly to new design challenges. By sharing processes, coding standards and having access to all development work through shared Git repositories, the geographically separate teams are able to work collaboratively on the same projects and share skills and experience.

Key Skills

  • Electronic design
  • Multi-layer PCB layout
  • Industrial product concept design
  • 3D mechanical design
  • Embedded firmware development
  • PC Software
  • Web development
  • Database architecture
  • Server applications
  • App Development for iOS and Android
  • Product verification and validation
  • Product certification

Investing in the Future

Lascar supports STEM projects in local schools. It also offers summer placements and apprenticeships  to university students; a growing number of engineers have been recruited through these schemes.