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 Food Safety From Farm To Table

Save time and money with automated temperature and humidity records

Pre-configured Single-use Loggers

Our lowest cost data loggers

Ready to use, come configured with correct alarms for different produce types

Start at the push of a button: simple to use

LEDs flash if alarm limits are breached

Download data, graphs and audit records straight to a PC

Custom configurations available on request

Long Term Monitoring

Fully automated temperature and humidity data logging

Monitor fridges, freezers, storage rooms, delivery vans and even whole warehouses

EL-WIFI models upload data to the Cloud for total peace of mind

Lower cost EL-USB models are plugged into your PC to extract data records

Both types include alarms and create graphs and audit records

Featured products


EL-CC-1-001 PK10
Pack of 10 Chilled Goods Data Logger with Alarms


WiFi Thermocouple Data Logger


EL-PDF-1-002 PK10
Pack of 10 Frozen Goods Data Logger


Temperature and Relative Humidity USB Data Logger with Display

Mote_Front_TP_Thumb.png (1)

WiFi Thermistor Data Logger


EL-CC-2-003 PK10
Pack of 10 Ripening Goods Temp & RH Logger


WiFi Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

Case Study - Catch of the Day

Venture Seafoods supply award-winning seafood caught off the East Coast of England. They’re legally required to record the storage temperatures of all their stock, which they were doing manually three times a day on pre-printed sheets.  This time-consuming process has now been replaced with EL-WIFI temperature sensors fitted to all their storage chillers and freezers. With the storage temperature clearly displayed on the front of each unit they do visual checks throughout the day, with the knowledge that all their data is automatically monitored and recorded.

"The size, cost and simplicity of the units and the software made it a very easy decision. They save me having to attend the premises when the factory is closed just to check the temperatures.” Gary Hodgson - Director at Venture Seafoods 

Why Monitor Humidity as Well as Temperature?

Humidity control is often just as important as temperature monitoring. Moisture enables the growth of microorganisms, even in areas you may consider clean. For instance, exposing dry foods to moisture can lead to mold and bacterial growth, resulting in the spread of food-borne illnesses. At best this can require expensive product recalls, at worst put consumers' safety at risk.

Data Security: 21CFR Compliant Loggers

If you need your data records to be encrypted and are subject to external audit validation, have a look at our range of 21CFR-compliant loggers. Created by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but increasingly used as a standard worldwide, 21CFR Part 11 defines the criteria under which electronic records are considered trustworthy, reliable, and equivalent to signed paper records. The EasyLog 21CFR range is specifically designed for use within a Part 11 compliant environment.

Calibration Assures Accuracy


All EasyLog vaccine data loggers are provided with a calibration certificate

They are calibrated using apparatus traceable to national or international standards

Each logger purposefully tested at the temperatures you will be using it in