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Protect Your Stock and Produce the EasyLog Way

Rugged and reliable automatic temperature and humidity data logging

Complete Peace of Mind

Fully automated data logging with secure Cloud storage

Monitor multiple locations 24/7 from any internet-enabled device

Live notifications sent direct to your phone, tablet or PC

Each WiFi data logger connects automatically to the EasyLog Cloud and also stores readings internally in case the connection is interrupted

Cloud features include powerful data analysis, and user and location management, so the system scales easily

Perfect for compact systems with only a few loggers as well as large-scale solutions with hundreds of devices in locations worldwide

Entry-Level Data Logging

 Easy to configure USB data loggers with extra-long battery life

Set your own high and low alarm levels - LEDs flash when alarm levels are breached

Clear display that shows the latest, maximum and minimum readings

Each logger can store thousands of separate readings

Free software to configure your logger, download data, graph and analyse the results

Featured products

easylog-data-logger-EL-USB-1-PRO-Angled-Shot-Lid-On-Thumb.jpg (1)

Industrial USB Temperature Data Logger


Temperature and Relative Humidity USB Data Logger with Display

easylog-data-logger-EL-GFX-2-Angle-Shot-Thumb.jpg (1)

Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point USB Data Logger


EL-CC-1-001 PK10
Pack of 10 Chilled Goods Data Logger with Alarms


Wireless Temperature Data Logger


EL-CC-1-003 PK10
Pack of 10 Ripening Goods Data Logger with Alarms


Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger


USB Temperature Data Logger

Pre-configured Single-use Loggers

Our lowest cost loggers

Ready to use, come configured with correct alarms for ripening, chilled or frozen produce

Start at the push of a button

LEDs flash if alarm limits are breached

Download data and audit records straight to a PC at the end of the journey

Custom configurations available on request

Pasteurisation Temperature Logger

The EL-USB-1-PRO is designed for high temperature food-safe applications

Stainless steel waterproof body, IP67/NEMA 4X

Measures from -40 to +125°C (-40 to +257°­­F)

Records over 32,000 readings

Automatically generates graphs of your recorded data

Case Study: Gold Coast Oysters

When Scott and Ginger Grout wanted to set up their own business, they decided to start an oyster farm on the magnificent Hood Canal seaway. Selling to wholesalers as far away as southern California, they soon realised they needed a way to ensure their produce arrived fresh and safe to eat. EasyLog data loggers turned out to be the perfect solution, easy to configure and with one put into each box of freshly harvested shellfish.

“Hood Canal has the largest number of oyster hatcheries in the world, so we operate in a very competitive market. We can’t afford to take risks with our own bottom line, and we certainly can’t risk consumer health by second guessing what happens to those products on their journey between the Pacific Northwest and the kitchen table. We throw the loggers into the boxes with the product for their journey. If an alarm is reached during transportation, then our wholesalers can tell because the unit has a flashing red light that they’ll see when they open up the boxes. Even if no alarm goes off, all those readings can be downloaded in a graph, and we can see exactly what temperatures the produce was exposed to.”  Scott Grout 

Calibration Assures Accuracy


All EasyLog data loggers can be provided with a calibration certificate

They are calibrated using apparatus traceable to national or international standards

Each logger purposefully tested at the temperatures you will be using it in