I have just run a lesson with the 10 loggers. It went superbly! The device and the software were beautifully simple to use.
Andrew Clark, Hampshire Collegiate School

We use the EL-USB-1 (8 of them) as a cost effective and reliable method of proving that we are storing drugs and vaccines within the required temperature ranges. Not only are we protecting ourselves from litigation but we are also able to demonstrate to official bodies, and customers, that we are complying with legislationRon Jardine, Practice Manager
The data loggers are set up and in use. I must say of all the computer-based bits I’ve bought these were the easiest to set up. Clear and simple!
Peter, data logger customer

Thanks for the email, but more importantly thanks for your assistance yesterday. Not often somebody calls you up trying to not only improve the buying experience but save you money! Good man!
Eric, data logger customer