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29/04/2016: Cost-Effective Development of Bespoke Panel Instrumentation

Ben Savage, PanelPilot Manager at Lascar Electronics, discusses the rising demand from machine builders for customisation of components, and how PanelPilot can help with respect to operator interfaces that are 'bespoke as standard.'
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15/02/2016: Lascar moves into new £750,000 facility in Salisbury

Lascar moves into new £750,000 facility in Salisbury as part of five-year growth plan.

Lascar Electronics, one of Europe’s leading providers of industrial digital panel instruments and environmental data loggers, used in industries where temperature monitoring and management is critical, officially opened its new operations centre today in Salisbury. The new facility represents a major expansion of Lascar’s business in Wiltshire and the opening ceremony was attended by John Glen, Member...
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16/11/2015: PanelPilotACE is Product of the Year finalist

We're very excited this week, as we've been given the fantastic news that PanelPilotACE from Lascar Electronics is shortlisted as a finalist in the Product of the Year category at the NMI Awards 2015.

When we launched PanelPilot in 2011, we began to plan for PanelPilotACE. We wanted users to be to be able to create pretty much any meter or display type they could imagine without having to write a line of code. We have achieved this and have opened up the platform up to a much wider audience...
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31/07/2015: V2 software extends PanelPilotACE capabilities

Lascar Electronics has today released an update to its PanelPilotACE Design Studio software which enables the rapid development of display interfaces with a simple drag-and-drop interface. The update provides powerful new interfacing and maths tools all of which can all be implemented without users needing to write a single line of code.

The addition of RS232 support in Design Studio 2.0 allows communication between PanelPilotACE and other external devices, supporting the sending and...
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19/03/2015: My Caravan Stinks!

Dampness is an age old problem in any form of accommodation, temporary or otherwise, if it is closed up during periods of cold weather. The resulting smell is caused by mould growth in the soft furnishings, or in/on, anything else that can support the propagation of these unwanted organic invaders. This can be particularly bad with caravans, as they are the ideal environment for this problem to occur in!

Why Caravans?
Consider this, if you will... In the caravan you cook, shower,...
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10/03/2015: My Coffee tastes a bit off!

Ground coffee and coffee beans to a lesser extent, is one of those quality food products that quickly degrade with exposure to daylight and air at room temperature. Open the “vac-pac” bag and leave it in the cupboard and in just few days it will not taste so good. Place it in a jar on the worktop of your kitchen and it will degrade ever quicker. So what can be done to ensure you get to enjoy the full flavour of your coffee beans for as long as possible?

Much study...
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03/03/2015: The 5 key advantages of digital panel instruments...

The 5 key advantages of digital panel instruments (and one thing to be wary of!)

Traditionally, panel instruments and meters have been analogue devices but now there are as many digital meters on the market as analogue. Of course, there are still plenty of applications where analogue meters are still needed, but what are the advantages that you get from digital devices? Here are our top 5:

1. Clear numeric readouts
The most obvious visual difference between analogue and...
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29/01/2015: Larasian bolsters QA with new team & lab

Larasian - holding company of Lascar Electronics and sister company Corintech, announces the recruitment of John Burton, who will join Larasian as Group Quality Manager. His recruitment bolsters the business' quality assurance offering, and coincides with the opening of a brand new Quality Inspection Lab.

John has been hired with a remit of consolidating and improving quality management across Lascar Electronics, and its sister company Corintech. He has significant experience in the quality...
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17/09/2014: FilesThruTheAir shortlisted for Elektra Awards 2014

We are proud to announce that FilesThruTheAir, powering our EasyLog Cloud, has been shortlisted for The Elektra European Electronics Industry Awards 2014!

"An outstanding number of companies entered the awards this year, presenting their product launches, business initiatives and commercial achievements."

The range of EL-WiFi Environmental Monitoring Sensors, that uses the FilesThruTheAir Cloud Management, can be used for a huge variety of applications in many different...
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08/08/2013: Monitoring of Temperature and Humidity in the Workplace

Here at Lascar’s Whiteparish headquarters, we've been experiencing that rarest of things; a warm British summer. Temperatures topped 30°C on a number of days in July and towards the end of the heat wave it was clear that many of the team were happy to see the temperatures drop towards the mid to low-twenties.

Discussions about the heat primarily focused on the high-temperatures, however it wasn’t until the second and third week of the high-pressure system that the heat started to become...
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18/07/2013: PanelPilot: A Design Case Study

The PanelPilot concept wasn'€™t really one of those light-bulb moments in a new product development meeting, but rather an idea that just gradually gathered more and more momentum. In a mature and competitive market like ours, you'€™re always looking for the next big thing. For us, we knew that use of the traditional panel meter, our bread and butter for thirty years, was on the decline and that the graphics market - particularly touch-screen devices - were the new interface between humans...
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15/07/2013: Dual-Thermocouple Data Logging for Domestic Hot-Water System

As part of the normal service or repair call performed by heating engineers, a reading of the temperature of the cold water feed and hot water return from domestic combination boilers is performed. This is a measure of the boiler efficiency and its capability to provide a continuous flow of hot water to the household. The test is performed by attaching a thermocouple to each pipe.

Often this instantaneous test is sufficient to prove that the boiler is in good order, but it is only valid for...
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01/07/2013: Temperature Monitoring of a Medical Fridge

Monitoring and recording the temperature of a vaccine or samples fridge in a pharmacy, veterinary practice or hospital has gone from being best practice a few years ago to a regulatory requirement now.

This application has been driven over the past few years by legislation requiring pharmacies and hospitals to prove that medicines or samples have been kept at between 2°C and 8°C during their time spent in an environment. Whilst a thermometer placed inside the fridge, and a daily check of...
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28/06/2013: PRESS RELEASE: EL-GFX Range

USB Data Logging with Real-Time Analysis and Graphic Screen

Lascar Electronics has launched its next generation USB data logging line, the EL-GFX series. The EL-GFX units are standalone temperature and humidity data loggers featuring a high-contrast graphic LCD displaying real-time analysis of readings either as a data summary (showing highest and lowest readings, last log and alarm conditions) or as a trend graph that updates as new data is added. Each unit in the range is capable...
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14/06/2013: PRESS RELEASE: High-accuracy EL-WiFi Products

Higher Accuracy Wireless Data Loggers

Lascar Electronics has extended its range of wireless data loggers with the launch of three additional higher accuracy data logging sensors.

The EL-WiFi-T+ is a temperature only device with ±0.1°C/±0.2°F temperature accuracy. The EL-WiFi-TH+ is a temperature and humidity data logger with a ±0.2°C/±0.4°F temperature accuracy and humidity accuracy of ±1.8%. The EL-WiFi-TP+ is a temperature only data logger with external thermistor probe...
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04/01/2013: PRESS RELEASE: EL-EnviroPad-TC

Thermometer with Built-In Data Logging & Graphing

Lascar Electronics has introduced a new addition to its temperature data logging line, the EL-ENVIROPAD-TC. A thermometer for spot temperature readings with built-in data logging and graphing functionality, this robust and easy to use handheld device takes and records temperature readings via the K-type probe supplied with the unit.

The EL-ENVIROPAD-TC has two key functions - data logging and spot measurement. When in data logging...
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01/11/2007: Recording temperature at the extremes

Independent recording of high and low temperatures has been made both affordable and easy to implement with the introduction of the EL-USB-TC thermocouple USB data logger from Lascar Electronics Ltd.

The EL-USB-TC is the latest addition to the market leading EL-USB range of standalone data loggers. The EL-USB-TC accepts an input from a K, J, or T type thermocouple and can measure and record temperatures from -200° to +1300°C depending on the sensor used. This makes the data logger ideal for...
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01/11/2007: Environmental Email Alerts in Real-Time

Lascar Electronics Ltd. has introduced the EL-USB-RT; a USB enabled temperature and humidity sensor designed to send email alerts of temperature or humidity readings that exceed acceptable conditions.

The EL-USB-RT, which is connected to a PC via a USB port, is supplied with dedicated software that provides a real-time indication of ambient temperatures between -10 and +60°C and humidity between 0 and 100%RH. These, together with a calculated dew point, can be viewed as either a constantly...
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