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Unlike our USB data loggers, the EasyLog WiFi range of temperature data loggers provides the capability to remotely monitor an environment. Data is streamed to a host PC using an existing WiFi network without having to physically collect and connect the units to your PC.

Why use EasyLog WiFi data logging sensors?

EL-WiFi Data Logger

If you use an EL-WiFi data logging sensor you can configure it to send you a stream of data at regular intervals to suit your requirements. This means that once the sensor is set-up and configured to your WiFi network you can leave it exactly where you want it, within range of your router, so that you can monitor the data from your PC rather than having to visit the sensor and retrieve the data yourself.

Our range of EL-WiFi sensors will connect to any WiFi network, be it in your home, garden or business. Any product that calls itself ‘WiFi’ must comply to the IEEE 802.11 standards that govern wireless networking transmission methods. Our sensors require your wireless network to be IEEE 802.11b compliant. If you have an enterprise network or multiple access points with the same SSID, please contact us to discuss your application before placing your order.

EL-WiFi sensors are superior to other products that are only wireless. A wireless device will only communicate with its base unit. WiFi products communicate with any WiFi router available worldwide.

The EL-WiFi Range

Easy Log WiFi Data Logger

Our EL-WiFi range includes sensors for temperature data logging, temperature and humidity data logging, and temperature probe data logging:

EL-WiFi-T WiFi temperature sensor
EL-WiFi-T+ High accuracy WiFi temperature sensor
EL-WiFi-TH WiFi temperature and humidity sensor
EL-WiFi-TH+ High accuracy WiFi temperature and humidity sensor
EL-WiFi-TP WiFi temperature sensor with probe
EL-WiFi-TP+ High accuracy WiFi temperature sensor with probe
EL-WiFi-TC WiFi thermocouple temperature sensor

What makes us different?

The EasyLog range of EL-WiFi sensors feature:

  • Excellent value for money – prices start from £89.95 / $150
  • FREE, easy to use software – If you have a WiFi router and know the password you’ll be able to set-up and use our sensors.
  • Robust design – Our products are designed to be more durable than competitor products and have been vigorously tested to meet the highest standards.
  • LCD – not many WiFi sensors have an LCD. We think it’s useful being able to read data straight off the sensor as well as via the software.
  • Range – our sensors have a unique range detection method built into the LCD display so you can see if you have moved the unit out of range of the router.
  • Rechargeable - all other sensors have a limited battery life. Our sensors have a rechargeable battery so can be used again and again for many years.


Temperature and humidity data acquisition and monitoring has applications in a range of industries including: building monitoring, server room monitoring, energy usage, pharmaceutical, HVAC, agriculture, horticulture and environmental studies. Sensors can be used across the food industry from manufacturing and storage to distribution and retail. Other sensitive products that require temperature monitored environments include medical vaccines, historical artifacts and wine.

EasyLog WiFi Software

The core of Lascar's WiFi solution is the free software supplied with each data sensor. Using a wizard format to guide the user through the setup of the sensor and subsequent download of collected data.

Easy Log WiFi Software

EasyLog Cloud, powered by FilesThruTheAir™

The EasyLog Cloud, powered by FilesThruTheAir™, takes our EL-WiFi sensors to a new level, unshackling them from the PC and allowing them to be managed and monitored over the internet from any location in the world. Users can interact with their sensors via a web based interface which allows them to monitor multiple EL-WiFi sensors in any number of locations. This gives the user the power to potentially monitor hundreds of sensors in different countries from one location. Not only does it provide the ability to manage and monitor the sensors, but users can also access event logs, which will give a record of any past triggered alarm events and have the ability to graph their sensor data online. Users also have the ability to set up email alerts which will notify them when an Alarm Event occurs.

Video Demonstrations of EL-WiFi Software

How to setup an EL-WiFi data logger

EL-WiFi-WIN Windows Control Software

EL-WiFi-WIN is the software platform for our EasyLog WiFi range of data loggers. It is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8.

EL-WiFi-WIN Windows Control Software